Are you getting ready for a weekend (or longer) trip to the beach with the whole family? Spending time on the sand with young children is incredibly fun – but it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve to ensure your trip goes smoothly. Whether this is your child’s first trip to the beach or you’re regular beachgoers, the following tips will allow your next holiday to involve minimal stress and maximum fun.

Sun protection comes first

You’ll want to apply sunscreen before you ever go outside. Applying sun protection while still inside gives it time to absorb into your child’s skin and means one less time you’ll have to apply it after your tot is covered in sand. Protective clothing is extremely helpful: it decreases the amount of sunscreen you’ll need to use, and it protects sensitive skin from irritation from things your child will encounter at the beach, including sand and bodyboards. Bringing along a tent or sunshade further reduces concern over sun exposure.

Get comfortable with sand

Sand is everywhere, and it will get everywhere – on your towel or blanket, in your bag, in your car, and in your hotel room. Baby powder is a good item to pack, as rubbing it on areas of skin where sand is stuck will help the sand fall right off. This can be a lifesaver if your child is sensitive to the sand and doesn’t like having it on his or her skin. A sand-free beach bag helps keep your belongings relatively clean. These mesh bags allow sand to fall out when you give them a few shakes, minimising clean-up later.

Go to the beach early

Kids tend to wake up early, so take advantage of this time by going out onto the sand first thing in the morning. You’ll encounter fewer crowds, you’ll be able to pick the best spot on the beach, and the sun won’t be nearly as hot. You’ll still have time to go back inside for an afternoon nap if your child needs one. If you stick to a schedule your children are familiar with as much as possible, they’ll typically be happier with your plans for the trip, and your holiday will go more smoothly.


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