Kirra Beach is nestled between the idyllic beach suburbs of Kirra and Coolangatta in southern Queensland. It’s among the top travel destinations along the Gold Coast for surfers and families alike. Between scuba diving to view native manta rays and wobbegongs and sunbathing on the gorgeous white sands, there is no end to the fun you and your family can have when planning a weekend getaway or a longer temporary stay at the shoreline.

To get your family holiday started right, book your 2 (or more) bedroom accommodation near Kirra Beach. Read on to discover how Nirvana by the Sea offers premier accommodation for all families with our exclusive deals and luxurious amenities.

Enjoy All That Kirra Beach and Coolangatta Have to Offer

There is just too much fun, sun, and sand to squeeze into one day when you are travelling to Kirra Beach with kids. Touted as a land of endless summer, there are many reasons why the Gold Coast has been a favourite destination for families for decades. When you book a stay with Nirvana by the Sea, you’ll soon discover why. Children love having the opportunity to play in the surf and sand, while parents appreciate the tranquillity and scenery this area provides with its surrounding parklands and boardwalks. From tots to seniors, there is no shortage of things to do or see for travellers on the coast!

No matter your family’s size, you can find accommodation with Nirvana by the Sea that can cater to the needs of everyone in your party. For larger families, we even have a 4-bedroom apartment near Kirra Beach that provides the ultimate luxury experience, complete with ample space to sprawl out and unwind. Imagine how spoiled everyone will feel with vast en-suite rooms, lounge areas, and private balcony spaces—your indulgent yet homey getaway from the outside world for the entire duration of your stay.


If your goal this holiday is to spend your time taking in breathtaking sea views, you should consider our gorgeous 3-bedroom Sky Room, which features a vast overlook onto Kirra Beach and across the water to Surfer’s Paradise. Of course, you cannot go wrong with a 2-bedroom accommodation that allows you to see Kirra Beach in all its legendary beauty. All our apartments feature spacious, well-appointed rooms, and tranquil beach views.

At Nirvana by the Sea, we take luxury beachfront living to the next level with our superbly presented apartments located in Coolangatta. No matter which apartment you choose, you can enjoy commanding views of the water as well as the ability to lounge in an opulent and serene setting. Whether you book a 4 or 3-bedroom accommodation near Kirra Beach, or opt for one of our many self-contained 2-bedroom apartments, we will go out of our way to ensure you and everyone in your family is completely satisfied, whether you are with us for a weekend or for a few weeks on holiday.