If you’re already planning ahead for your summer holiday, chances are that you are looking for something that will provide a relaxing getaway experience. With so many options for accommodation, you may not be sure which one is right for how you like to travel. For those looking for 2 or 3 (or even more) bedroom accommodation in Coolangatta, Nirvana by the Sea provides spacious and indulgent self-contained apartments that cater to the needs of the entire family.

Take Advantage of Our Accommodation for Your Next Family Holiday

Nearly all of us have fond memories of family holidays from our youth, so if you’re a parent, you know that taking your children to see new destinations is among the best ways to create happy memories that will last a lifetime. As soon as the chill of winter begins to subside, it’s natural to begin to plan for your next holiday. With so many potential benefits, you should not allow fears about money or time keep you from taking that well-deserved break with your partner and kids. For many, the first hurdle is finding accommodation to suit everyone’s needs.

While many families worry about finding the right accommodation when travelling with children, you can be certain that everyone will be satisfied when you book with Nirvana by the Sea in Coolangatta. We provide spacious 2 and 3-bedroom apartments that cater to your family’s every need in a tranquil and luxurious setting. Once you book with us, you will be set for a truly relaxing experience you and your entire family can enjoy, complete with amenities like our 25-metre pool and Gold Class private theatre room.

For larger families, finding comfortable accommodation for everyone is easy at Nirvana by the Sea. We offer spacious 4-bedroom accommodation in Coolangatta in our penthouse, which is sure to provide ample room for everyone in your clan.


For those who would like to take advantage of our many 2-bedroom self-contained and penthouse apartments, we provide exquisite, well-appointed en-suite rooms that offer ample space and luxury for couples and families alike. Each room features an amazing view of Kirra Beach, allowing you to relax on your balcony and take in the sea air and stunning sights with ease.

If you’d prefer a step up from 2 bedrooms, you can take advantage of our 3-bedroom accommodation in Coolangatta, such as our Sky Room that provides a vast view across the water to Surfer’s Paradise and an extra powder room and separate TV lounge for the ultimate in relaxation and luxury.

Come see our latest deals and the exclusive opportunities you can take advantage of when you book with Nirvana by the Sea. Be prepared to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic sea views and tranquillity you and your entire family deserve. Contact us or book today to reserve your 2-bedroom accommodation in Coolangatta, or spring for even more luxury with one of our 3- to 4- bedroom options. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured you are in for the family holiday of a lifetime.


Kirra Beach is nestled between the idyllic beach suburbs of Kirra and Coolangatta in southern Queensland. It’s among the top travel destinations along the Gold Coast for surfers and families alike. Between scuba diving to view native manta rays and wobbegongs and sunbathing on the gorgeous white sands, there is no end to the fun you and your family can have when planning a weekend getaway or a longer temporary stay at the shoreline.

To get your family holiday started right, book your 2 (or more) bedroom accommodation near Kirra Beach. Read on to discover how Nirvana by the Sea offers premier accommodation for all families with our exclusive deals and luxurious amenities.

Enjoy All That Kirra Beach and Coolangatta Have to Offer

There is just too much fun, sun, and sand to squeeze into one day when you are travelling to Kirra Beach with kids. Touted as a land of endless summer, there are many reasons why the Gold Coast has been a favourite destination for families for decades. When you book a stay with Nirvana by the Sea, you’ll soon discover why. Children love having the opportunity to play in the surf and sand, while parents appreciate the tranquillity and scenery this area provides with its surrounding parklands and boardwalks. From tots to seniors, there is no shortage of things to do or see for travellers on the coast!

No matter your family’s size, you can find accommodation with Nirvana by the Sea that can cater to the needs of everyone in your party. For larger families, we even have a 4-bedroom apartment near Kirra Beach that provides the ultimate luxury experience, complete with ample space to sprawl out and unwind. Imagine how spoiled everyone will feel with vast en-suite rooms, lounge areas, and private balcony spaces—your indulgent yet homey getaway from the outside world for the entire duration of your stay.


If your goal this holiday is to spend your time taking in breathtaking sea views, you should consider our gorgeous 3-bedroom Sky Room, which features a vast overlook onto Kirra Beach and across the water to Surfer’s Paradise. Of course, you cannot go wrong with a 2-bedroom accommodation that allows you to see Kirra Beach in all its legendary beauty. All our apartments feature spacious, well-appointed rooms, and tranquil beach views.

At Nirvana by the Sea, we take luxury beachfront living to the next level with our superbly presented apartments located in Coolangatta. No matter which apartment you choose, you can enjoy commanding views of the water as well as the ability to lounge in an opulent and serene setting. Whether you book a 4 or 3-bedroom accommodation near Kirra Beach, or opt for one of our many self-contained 2-bedroom apartments, we will go out of our way to ensure you and everyone in your family is completely satisfied, whether you are with us for a weekend or for a few weeks on holiday.


Holiday rentals are becoming more and more popular, especially for travelling families. If you’re like many, you may be wondering what the hype is all about. Here are some reasons why you should book one of the many luxurious 2- or 3-bedroom apartments available in Coolangatta through Nirvana by the Sea for your next holiday.

Why Our Holiday Apartments Win Over Hotels

Most people love having the opportunity to spend time on holiday with your family, even for just a few days out of the year. What better way to make the most of this important time than by booking a 2, 3, or 4-bedroom apartment in Coolangatta on Queensland’s Gold Coast?

When you reserve an apartment for your holiday, you enjoy the benefits of increased privacy and freedom over what hotels can provide. There is nothing more relaxing than being able to go back to your self-contained apartment or penthouse and enjoy an evening in an environment that feels more like home than a stuffy hotel.

Our 2-bedroom apartments in Coolangatta come complete with appliances and the fine details that provide a greater sense of comfort than you would experience in comparable hotel rooms. In our 2-bedroom self-contained sub penthouse, for example, you can enjoy your own private pool and BBQ area on the rooftop. You can finally release all worries of anything coming between you and the tranquillity you have been seeking.

When you book our 3-bedroom Sky Room, you can take in vast ocean views across the water, with Surfer’s Paradise visible from your balcony overlooking Kirra Beach. You can have all this and more in a lavish, spacious area that feels private but boasts the creature comforts of home that you simply can’t expect from a hotel. For those whose top priority is space and opulence, our 4-bedroom apartment in Coolangatta provides the ultimate in luxury and a true escape from everyday concerns.


When you book a spacious 2-bedroom self-contained apartment with Nirvana by the Sea, you can rest assured that all your family’s needs will be catered to while giving you plenty of room to move around your apartment or relax on the balcony.

All our apartments are impeccably presented and gorgeously appointed with a modern sense of luxury. Each room has a spacious feel, and every unit is complete with breathtaking sea views, especially our 3-bedroom apartments in Coolangatta that provide a full panoramic view of Kirra Beach. While staying with us, you can take advantage of our Executive Lounge, complete with a pool table and library, along with our expansive 25-metre pool and shared BBQ area.

Why wait when the perfect family holiday is around the corner in Coolangatta with help from Nirvana by the Sea? Be sure to take advantage of our early booking specials and trending deals, and you’ll be set to embark on a getaway experience your family will truly love.


Situated on the border between New South Wales and Queensland, Coolangatta provides a welcome change of pace for many Australians looking for a weekend getaway or a place to spend their summer holiday. It is an especially ideal locale to visit when you are travelling with children or with the family, offering many easy, laidback activities that everyone can enjoy over several days or even weeks. When planning your stay, you want to be sure that you find the right beach accommodation in Coolangatta that will keep everyone relaxed and happy. Read on to discover how Nirvana by the Sea can provide the ultimate in beachside luxury for everyone in your family.

Family-Friendly Activities in Coolangatta and Kirra Beach

Both Coolangatta and Kirra Beach are terrific places to bring the entire family for a day of fun in the surf and sand. Whether you plan a visit to check out Snapper Rocks or have a stroll around town to visit the cafes or take in the sights, like the iconic Captain Cook Memorial, there is plenty to see and do over the course of several days when you book your beach accommodation in Coolangatta.

While the southern Gold Coast and Coolangatta are a bit removed from the busy nightlife found in the northern beach towns, this only means that this area is also the perfect laidback location for families who wish to relax and unwind at their own pace. For example, art lovers are sure to enjoy the Coolangatta Arts and Crafts Market, while shoppers can partake in some retail therapy at The Strand. Whatever you have in mind, Nirvana by the Sea can provide the beachside holiday accommodation in Coolangatta you need to make sure everyone in your family feels comfortable and pampered during your stay.


Nirvana by the Sea is in a class of its own when it comes to luxurious beachside holiday accommodation in Coolangatta. When you stay with us, you and your family will have the opportunity to enjoy the vast space found within each of our self-contained apartments, complete with plenty of opportunities to experience the sights and sea air of Kirra Beach and to gaze out toward Surfer’s Paradise across the water.

The open layout of each unit provides an excellent sense of space and a beachside view in every apartment, while our included amenities, including a powder room and Nespresso Coffee machine, help you relax with the creature comforts of home. Each space is beautifully appointed, and guests have full access to the Executive Lounge and 25-metre swimming pool and shared BBQ area. There is simply no finer accommodation in Coolangatta for those looking to escape and experience pure tranquillity.

Come and see how for nearly ten years our holiday apartments have consistently raised the bar in Coolangatta and the southern Gold Coast when you book one of our stunning units for your stay. Located just minutes away from the airport, there’s no easier way to begin your holiday getaway. Don’t book just any beachside hotel in Coolangatta. Stay with Nirvana by the Sea and prepare to spoil yourself and your family with a seaside trip you’ll always fondly remember.


Travelling with a family comes with its own unique set of benefits and challenges. Subpar accommodation can lead to disappointment, family tensions, and the feeling that you’ve wasted your travel budget on covering high costs instead of making memories. Next time you travel to the Gold Coast, make it a memorable trip for everyone by booking a family holiday accommodation with Kirra Beach views.

Nirvana by the Sea provides the most luxurious holiday accommodation for Kirra Beach visitors. High-end, self-contained apartment accommodation right on Kirra Beach lets you enjoy beautiful sights from every room. Choose a seaside holiday accommodation by Kirra Beach that fits your family’s needs and style.


Our self-contained apartments have every accommodation you’re seeking in Kirra Beach, and our spacious open floorplans make room for everyone. Family holiday accommodation at our Kirra Beach resort has all the comforts of home in a relaxing and luxurious setting without the bother of hotel limitations. We have numerous apartment options for you to choose from, allowing you to select the best fit for your family’s size, length of stay, and degree of desired privacy. We have a shared pool, sauna, private movie theatre that can be reserved, and BBQ, plus apartments that come with their own private plunge pools and a penthouse-style option that features its own BBQ. Standard in each unit is a full kitchen which allows you to enjoy home-cooked meals, particularly beneficial to families with strict diets or food allergies.

You have the added luxury of packing light: our holiday accommodation on Kirra Beach have in-suite washer and dryers and are fully equipped with Miele appliances. The kids will love the free Wi-Fi and the TV entertainment lounge tucked away from the study where you can get your work done or enjoy a little peace and quiet while overlooking the magnificent beach. While your family is enjoying an exclusive movie theatre experience at our high-class seaside holiday accommodation at Kirra Beach, we help you stay on track and on time with taxi scheduling and dry-cleaning services. If business is a necessary part of your visit, in addition to Wi-Fi, you can easily access copying and faxing services to ensure you’re always connected and all your important paperwork arrives on time.

Have it All at Nirvana by the Sea

After a long flight, the last thing you want is to spend more time in a cramped car to reach your accommodation. Kirra Beach is located just across the way from the Gold Coast airport. Take a moment to decompress while taking in the breathtaking views of your seaside accommodation over Kirra Beach, then head into the town of Coolangatta to stock up on supplies. The quaint beach town has everything you need to enjoy your stay. A nearby shopping centre has various cafes, a place to purchase groceries, in-and-out bodegas, and even a hairdresser so you can make a luxurious getaway feel as comfortable and convenient as home.

Holiday accommodation at our Kierra Beach resort is an excellent way to keep your family close and your travel budget devoted to the right experiences. Our exclusive, relaxing, high-quality amenities provide peace and privacy, and create a memorable family getaway free of hustle and bustle.


Let’s face it: no matter how nice the hotel, skipping from city to city and living out of a suitcase becomes draining. Are you tired of constantly booking hotel stays and experiencing subpar accommodation, lukewarm locations, or crowded and cramped surroundings? It’s time to say goodbye to accommodation headaches and below-average travel experiences. Consider Nirvana by the Sea and our luxurious beachside apartments in Coolangatta.

A self-contained apartment in Coolangatta puts you right at the heart of Kirra Beach while avoiding hotel crowds and mishandled belongings. Our apartments in Coolangatta overlook Kirra Beach and are conveniently located near cafes, take away, and grocery shopping opportunities. If you’re tired of never achieving home-away-from-home relaxation while travelling, you’ll be pleased to discover that each of our beachside apartments available in Coolangatta has a full kitchen, allowing you to cook your favourite meals even though you’re on the road. That’s only the beginning of the unique amenities these properties offer.


Nirvana by the Sea believes that a beach resort experience should be as peaceful as it is luxurious. A self-contained apartment on Coolangatta’s beachfront provides comprehensive accommodation and amenities paired with tranquillity and privacy. Our modernised use of space and peaceful ambience are just a few of the reasons we have secured the 2017 Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice award.

We are designed for long-term stays of five days or more and we encourage our guests to get comfortable and utilise our extensive list of amenities. On top of a full kitchen, our two-bedroom seaside apartments in Coolangatta feature in-unit washer and dryers, Wi-Fi, an entertainment system with Foxtel TV, a quiet study area, awe-inspiring views from every room, and access to our lap-pool, BBQ, private movie theatre, exercise room, pool lounge, hot tub, sauna, and a library that overlooks the surfing action. If you’re an avid swimmer, consider booking a self-contained apartment on our Coolangatta property with access to a private plunge pool. Travelling for business? Stay connected with your professional obligations with copying and faxing capabilities, and sign up for our dry-cleaning or taxi-booking service so that you always arrive on time and looking your best.

We Make Your Experience Memorable

Transportation goes hand-in-hand with a smooth travel experience. Should you decide to rent a car for your stay, our apartments in Coolangatta have secure parking. Alternatively, biking is a wonderful way to get exercise and enjoy the beautiful sights of the quaint beach town and magnificent beach. If you’d like to experience the area via bike, we have a bike hire service available to our guests.

When you fly into Gold Coast Airport, you have landed just across the way from our beachside apartments. Coolangatta is a convenient distance from the airport, and our resort is a five-minute drive from the terminals. From luxurious accommodation and breath-taking views to modern amenities and convenient travel, at Nirvana by the Sea, we are committed to making your stay with us an award-winning holiday experience whether you’re planning a trip for business or pleasure.


Renting a beachfront apartment is an excellent way for families both big and small to spend their holiday. With fun activities available for every member of the family, from toddlers to seniors, the beautiful beaches of Coolangatta on Queensland’s Gold Coast are the perfect location to spend summer or any other time of the year. If you are looking for family accommodation in Coolangatta, Nirvana by the Sea provides luxurious and spacious self-contained apartments that offer something for everyone.

Preparing for Your Holiday Apartment Rental

So you’ve decided to visit the Gold Coast for your summer holiday—great! The next step, of course, is to find the perfect accommodation and to begin your packing list. For a vacation experience, you and your family won’t soon forget, you should consider booking one of the many gorgeous family apartments available in Coolangatta from Nirvana by the Sea.

Once you have reserved your holiday apartment, you can begin checking off the necessary items you’ll want to bring with you, such as snacks and bottled water for your drive down and the toys and games needed to keep the kids entertained during your trip. What you won’t have to worry about at our family apartments in Coolangatta are such creature comforts like fresh coffee in the morning or clean linen and towels. We’ll have you covered there, along with providing a host of luxurious amenities such as our ‘Gold Class’ theatre, Executive Lounge, and 25-metre swimming pool.

If you’ve gone on a family holiday before, you likely already have an idea of what to expect in getting your children acclimated to their new surroundings. One of the major benefits of booking our family accommodation in Coolangatta, instead of a hotel, is that our apartments are so comfortable and well-equipped that settling right in is as effortless as reclining in the sun at the beach or poolside.


What family holiday accommodation in Coolangatta would be complete without ample opportunities to take in the scenery and sea air? That’s why at Nirvana by the Sea, each apartment features a stunning sea view overlooking Kirra Beach. In our three-bedroom Sky Room, you can see as far as Surfer’s Paradise across the water. The open and spacious layout of each unit gives you and your entire family the space needed to sprawl and unwind as you relax into the laidback beach lifestyle.

When you stay in one of our opulent family holiday apartments available in Coolangatta, not only will you enjoy the feeling of being lavishly spoiled during your getaway, you can also take advantage of the many in-town conveniences you can find in Coolangatta. Within short walking distance from your apartment, you will be able to visit cafes and a shopping centre complete with everything the family may need, from the chemist to the hairdresser, making Nirvana by the Sea the perfect balance between ‘getting away from it all’ and having everything you need at hand. Contact us today to discover more and get your perfect holiday getaway started right.


The Gold Coast is a bustling city full of glittering high-rises built around stunning beaches, including the superb Surfers Paradise. Here, you’ll find designer boutiques, international theme parks, and lively nightlife. You can watch the Coolangatta Ocean Swim or see the coastline from a Spitfire plane; have a swim on the beach or relax with a rainforest walk or spa retreat. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time while you’re in town, you’ll be talking about your trip to the Gold Coast for years to come. With 300 days of sunshine each year, there’s plenty of time to indulge in the area’s many attractions.

Go Surfing

The Gold Coast is the perfect place to learn to surf or find the best breaks. Take advantage of our four epic break points and 70 kilometres of sun-soaked beaches – you’ll quickly see how Surfers Paradise earned its name. This international destination boasts some of the best waves in Australia and is also home to numerous international surfing competitions. Lifeguards are on duty year-round, and there is surf to suit individuals of all experience levels. If you’re a beginner, sign up for lessons and learn from accredited teachers; you’ll be catching your first wave in no time.

Hinterland Great Walk

Take part in this spectacular series of walks and you’ll see the lush Gondwanan rainforest up close. See crystal-clear, powerful waterfalls and streams that continually erode the Tweed volcano, which erupted about 25 million years ago. The trail leads through a landscape as old as dinosaurs with sights you won’t see anywhere else. Learn the ancestral legends of how the valleys and rivers formed and camp in the rainforest or a private camping area at Binna Burra.

Take a Day Trip to Brisbane

While you’re here, be sure to visit Brisbane, Queensland’s sunny, sophisticated capital. Brisbane is the perfect place to combine outdoor adventure with arts and culture. You’ll find hip restaurants, live music, and plenty of creative spaces all around. Take a walk around the city and soak up the thriving arts scene, or have an adventure, like climbing (and repelling down) Story Bridge. Drink and dine in one of the many restaurants and cafes that emphasise local produce, and shop markets and boutiques.

Looking for Gold Coast Airport Hotels? Nirvana by the Sea Has You Covered
There’s no shortage of things to see and do on and around the Gold Coast. Nirvana by the Sea is happy to welcome you to our lovely Gold Coast airport accommodation. Our nine-year-old property has been the luxury holiday accommodation of choice for many travellers over the years, and we love making each one feel at home and helping them enjoy their stay. Our Gold Coast airport luxury accommodation includes self-contained apartments perfect for families who need room to spread out. When you’re searching for Gold Coast hotels, Nirvana by the Sea is the answer. Explore the area or just relax in your room and enjoy the panoramic ocean views – either way, you’ll be glad you came to Nirvana.


Are you planning to bring your family to visit Coolangatta? This area offers a welcome change of pace for families from the bustling Surfers Paradise area, especially if you’re travelling with young children. However, that doesn’t mean it lacks excitement – Coolangatta is packed with family-friendly activities if you know where to look.

Coolangatta Beach Park

When you’ve had your fill of swimming or surfing at Greenmount or Coolangatta Beach, head to Marine Parade to discover a great playground well-equipped with slides, swings, ropes, and climbing structures to let kids use up all that excess energy while you relax in the sun. The Beach Park is just minutes from the stunning views at RT Peak Memorial Park and plenty of fine dining and shopping.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Coolangatta sits a short drive away from one of the area’s leading wildlife attractions. At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, you can explore 27 hectares of protected bushland. Spot hundreds of animals in their natural habitats, from reptiles to birds to marsupials. Take home a priceless souvenir photo with a cuddly koala or swing through the tree canopy at the rope adventure course.

Walkin’ On Water Surf School

Whether your kids are experienced surfers already or have never hit the waves before, the number-one surf school in Queensland provides professional surfing lessons for students ages five and up. The fully-qualified instructors offer one-on-one lessons as well as group sessions for the whole family. Learn the basics or sharpen your skills, then hit the waves in style.

Birch Carroll and Coyle Coolangatta Cinemas

Slow things down at the end of an active day with the latest family films at the biggest cinema complex in the area. See blockbusters from around the world on six screens – there’s always something the entire family can enjoy. Check the listings for details about exclusive screenings and other special offers, or bring the baby to special morning or afternoon shows with no charge for kids under five.


At Nirvana by the Sea, we love welcoming families with kids to a lovely Gold Coast airport self contained apartment. If you’re flying in for the week – or a quick weekend holiday – our Gold Coast airport luxury apartments are just minutes from the Gold Coast airport and the perfect place for you to step right into a luxury vacation lifestyle as soon as you arrive. We have self contained two- and three-bedroom units with plenty of space for families as well as a four-bedroom penthouse. There are many nearby cafes open for breakfast and lunch and we are located right across the road from a shopping centre complete with a convenience store, chemist, baker, and take away food options. Enjoy our on-site BBQ facilities, children’s pool, private theatre room, gym, and much more. Choose the perfect getaway for your next family holiday – Nirvana by the Sea.


Whether you are travelling alone or with family companions, there are plenty of factors to consider when you begin planning a trip. It’s always a bonus when you can relieve some of the stresses of travel by securing a home-away-from-home that provides everything you need to truly unwind. Noisy and crowded hotels can make planning accommodation for a relaxing, luxurious getaway feel like a necessary evil. When looking for quiet luxury holiday rentals on Kirra Beach, search no further than Nirvana by the Sea.

For the last nine years, we have lived up to our name, providing high-end, luxurious, and exclusive accommodation to individuals, businesspersons, and families. Our holiday apartments on Kirra Beach are self-contained and fully equipped with the comforts of home. Additionally, guests of our holiday rentals near Kirra Beach enjoy resort-level amenities to round out a memorable experience that’s indulgent enough for a personal getaway but comfortable enough to suit your entire family’s needs.


Self-contained luxury holiday rentals for Kirra Beach visitors are full apartments. A full kitchen allows you to prepare your own meals, saving money and making it easier to adhere to strict, picky, or allergy-friendly diets. An in-unit washer and dryer that comes standard in holiday apartments for our Kirra Beach guests saves you from seeking out laundry facilities. We offer dry-cleaning services for tough stains, big accidents, special materials, or simply an opportunity to take a break from the chores of home.

While everyone is welcome in our lap-pool, hot tub, and sauna, if you want a more secluded experience, we have holiday apartments with Kirra Beach views that have private plunge pools. A private swimming experience is the ultimate relaxation source, and it keeps stimulation manageable for sensitive little ones. Take this one-of-a-kind exclusive experience to the next level when you reserve our spacious, comfortable, private big-screen movie theatre to watch their favourite movie or one rented from us. Residents of our luxurious holiday apartments near Kirra Beach have full access to the game room lounge featuring a pool table, exercise room, library with views of the amazing surf, and facility-wide Wi-Fi so you’re never disconnected from friends at home or the trending news of the day.

Memorable Relaxation at Nirvana by the Sea

Coolangatta, the quaint beach town that contains Kirra Beach, has all the consumables needed to stock your holiday apartment. Get groceries to do your own cooking or enjoy delicious cafes, restaurants, and take away eateries within short distance. Spend your days out on the beach, or rent a bike to explore the area with the whole family. Our secured parking ensures that your car will be waiting for you when it’s time to spend the day at a fun and far-off attraction.

Rest days are important to have on any trip, especially with a travel companion who has sensory sensitivity or other special needs. When you relax at our luxurious holiday apartments at Kirra Beach, you experience awe-inspiring views in a quiet and recuperative setting that will have you or the whole family coming back year after year.


Are you getting ready for a weekend (or longer) trip to the beach with the whole family? Spending time on the sand with young children is incredibly fun – but it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve to ensure your trip goes smoothly. Whether this is your child’s first trip to the beach or you’re regular beachgoers, the following tips will allow your next holiday to involve minimal stress and maximum fun.

Sun protection comes first

You’ll want to apply sunscreen before you ever go outside. Applying sun protection while still inside gives it time to absorb into your child’s skin and means one less time you’ll have to apply it after your tot is covered in sand. Protective clothing is extremely helpful: it decreases the amount of sunscreen you’ll need to use, and it protects sensitive skin from irritation from things your child will encounter at the beach, including sand and bodyboards. Bringing along a tent or sunshade further reduces concern over sun exposure.

Get comfortable with sand

Sand is everywhere, and it will get everywhere – on your towel or blanket, in your bag, in your car, and in your hotel room. Baby powder is a good item to pack, as rubbing it on areas of skin where sand is stuck will help the sand fall right off. This can be a lifesaver if your child is sensitive to the sand and doesn’t like having it on his or her skin. A sand-free beach bag helps keep your belongings relatively clean. These mesh bags allow sand to fall out when you give them a few shakes, minimising clean-up later.

Go to the beach early

Kids tend to wake up early, so take advantage of this time by going out onto the sand first thing in the morning. You’ll encounter fewer crowds, you’ll be able to pick the best spot on the beach, and the sun won’t be nearly as hot. You’ll still have time to go back inside for an afternoon nap if your child needs one. If you stick to a schedule your children are familiar with as much as possible, they’ll typically be happier with your plans for the trip, and your holiday will go more smoothly.


When it’s time to get out of the sun for a nap, snack, or to relax for the evening, Nirvana by the Sea is the perfect place to book a beachside holiday unit in Coolangatta. Our holiday rentals in Coolangatta include two- and three-bedroom apartments as well as a four-bedroom penthouse, all with lots of space for families to spread out and relax. There are plenty of cafes in the immediate area open for breakfast and lunch, so you won’t have to cook every meal if you don’t want to. Our luxury holiday rentals in Coolangatta are located right across the road from a convenience store, a chemist, take away food options, and more to make your stay as enjoyable and convenient as possible. Looking for the perfect luxury beachside accommodation for your next family holiday? Our friendly staff at Nirvana by the Sea can’t wait to welcome you and your crew to the Gold Coast.


In today’s fast-paced world, we experience increasing amounts of stress and anxiety. If you’re ready for a dramatic change in lifestyle and a significant boost in vitality, consider a surfing holiday to revitalise your mind, body, and soul. Surfing has calming, enriching effects; it clears minds and increases peaceful feelings while giving you a sense of connection to your environment. It’s also a fantastic way to see new parts of the world, such as Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Whether you’re travelling solo, with a partner, or with the whole family, a surfing holiday is perfect for anyone who needs a little excitement and some new experiences. Here’s what’s so great about it.

Complimentary equipment

When you choose a surfing holiday, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on buying all the surf equipment you’ll need. Boards and wetsuits for the family can really add up, but many holiday destinations in popular surfing areas have places where you can rent the equipment you need. This also allows you to travel without lugging all that equipment along with you, minimising stress and making your trip easier. Just show up for your lessons and you’ll be catching your first wave before you know it.

Learn a new skill

Before you take off, you’ll want to take a lesson. Learning to surf is a fun and memorable holiday activity. With professional surf instructors, you’ll learn safety rules, how to read the currents, what to do when you lose your board or get caught in a riptide, and actual surfing techniques. This foundation is essential to safe surfing and helps get the whole family involved quickly. The more confident you are, the more fun surfing will be.

Give your health and fitness a boost

Too often, holidays are times when we eat too much, drink too much, and sit around in the sun all day. There’s certainly something to be said for pampering yourself and enjoying a relaxing holiday – but why not also fit in some physical activity and keep yourself healthy and fit while you’re travelling? Spending time in the ocean is therapeutic; the fresh ocean air and sand under your feet increase endorphins and refresh your spirit. Surfing challenges your whole body for a surprisingly effective workout. It’s also a wonderful way to beat stress and return to your daily life energised and relaxed.


Spending your vacation on the water is an excellent way to relax, learn something new, make friends, and generally have the time of your life. When you’re searching for luxury hotels in Coolangatta, Nirvana by the Sea is the perfect solution. Enjoy panoramic ocean views in our two- and three-bedroom apartments when you’re ready to return to your hotel after a long day on the beach. Our family hotel in Coolangatta offers the perfect retreat for singles, couples, or groups coming to the area for the surfing – or just to relax. Whether you’re arriving alone or with your family, spend your nights in luxury at Nirvana by the Sea.


Do you enjoy booking holidays to take in some of the best surf in Australia? If you’ve picked Kirra Beach for your next destination, skip the humdrum hotel circuit and consider upgrading to luxury holiday apartments in Coolangatta right on Kirra Beach. Nirvana by the Sea has the most luxurious self-contained beachside holiday apartments in Coolangatta with amenities to suit you and your travel companions’ every need. We book luxury apartments for Coolangatta travellers in two, three, and four-bedroom suites with the ability to bring in an extra cot when needed. Holiday apartments around Coolangatta have gained popularity compared to traditional hotel and resort accommodation for their privacy and home-like ambience.


Our self-contained holiday apartments in Coolangatta welcome travellers from around the world and all walks of life. Each of our beachside holiday apartments in Coolangatta has a full kitchen with necessary appliances as well as washer and dryer units. This kind of accommodation allows you to cook for yourselves and pack lightly, both of which will help you save on travel costs; and less money on travel allows you to spend more on enjoying your holiday.

Since not every moment can be spent on the beach, Nirvana by the Sea makes sure the shared attractions for guests in the luxury apartments at our Coolangatta resort are peaceful, relaxing, and full of activity options. Keep on top of your exercise routine in our gymnasium, or enjoy a book and a cup of tea while experiencing amazing views in our library. Guests in our holiday apartments in Coolangatta can reserve our exclusive movie theatre; bring in snacks and let your whole group be terrified by a late-night horror flick—show your own, or rent from our collection. Of course, Beachside holiday apartments in Coolangatta wouldn’t be complete without a lap-pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and a poolside BBQ.

A Luxury Experience without the Luxury Crowds

Nirvana by the Sea was voted Traveller’s Choice 2017 by Trip Advisor, putting an end to the assumption that hotels provide superior accommodation. Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of having a valuable item or favourite piece of jewellery stolen from a hotel room? Luxury Holiday Apartments in Coolangatta have become more popular because your party alone has access to the apartment during your stay. Keep your belongings safe in our luxury apartments in Coolangatta’s beach town without sacrificing the service luxuries of high-class hotels.

Take the stress out of travel: we’ll hire a bike or book a taxi for you, or get that stain out of your shirt with our dry-cleaning service. In addition to facility-wide free wi-fi, we offer copying and faxing services for the workaholic in your group who’s squeezing in deadlines between surfing rounds. With so much privacy and so many accommodation options, it’s easy to see why Nirvana by the Sea is the number one choice for high-quality, exclusive, luxurious beachside holiday apartments in Coolangatta for Kirra Beach travellers.


The picturesque beaches of the Gold Coast make for a captivating weekend getaway or summer holiday destination for families and solo travellers alike, and there are few places more refreshing than Kirra Beach in Coolangatta. For the ultimate in seaside holiday accommodation in the Coolangatta area, you can take advantage of one of the luxurious and spacious apartments available through Nirvana by the Sea, where you can relax in a lavish and stylish setting.

If you have never visited Coolangatta before, you are in for a treat. With plenty of white sand beaches, boardwalks and charming cafes, there is something for anyone to enjoy. When you visit the Gold Coast, it soon becomes apparent why so many refer to this area as a land of endless summer.

At Nirvana by the Sea, we have amenities and creature comforts for seaside vacationers of all sorts, as attested by our many satisfied guest reviews. Each one of our opulent apartment units features glorious sea views overlooking Kirra Beach along with an open layout that provides a sense of ease and comfort. When you stay with us, you can explore the beaches during the day and rest in the lap of utmost luxury by night, or spend your time curled with a book at the Executive Lounge or by our gorgeous 25-metre swimming pool. Whatever suits your style, you can find the seaside holiday accommodation in Coolangatta to suit your needs.

How will you relax in your perfect beachside haven? Contact us today to book either a spacious 2-bedroom, three-bedroom or even our large four-bedroom penthouse apartment for your next trip to the Gold Coast and Coolangatta. There’s no better choice for your seaside holiday accommodation in Coolangatta than with Nirvana by the Sea.